This is the secret behind the perfect breast curve of beautiful Ladies on Instagram!!

 With over 3,425 orders sold and delivered!!!

 Our INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA has helped women of all shapes and sizes reach their desired look!! 

The adhesive tape with professional fitting offers ultimate support to lift up your breasts and to create natural cleavage.
The result is a perky, full, and busty look that gives all women the confidence to wear any outfit.

Made of medical-graded material, they are guaranteed to be skin-friendlybreathable and not to cause any redness. They stick to your boobs well without falling off yet it is easy to remove them. The well-hidden feature allows you to wear various outfits even V-neck collar tops.

  • Product Type: Invincible lift-up bra
  • Sizes Available:
  • 9.5cm for Cup A – C
  • 11cm for Cup D – E
  • 13cm for Cup F - H


  • Enjoy perkier breast and enhance your cleavage with our padded rabbit shape nipplecovers and bra breast lift tape.
  • Push up bra pad and nipple covers insert with sticky adhesive breast lift tape which make your bra instantly lift and firm.
  • Natural and invisible bra with lift for strapless backless tops, dresses, bikini, swimsuits, one-pieces, tankini and swimwear. Elegantly hides nipples. Perfect for underneath most clothing, including transparent blouses, plunging tops, and t-shirts.
  • Medical grade, and silicone-hypoallergenic - leaves no trace on your skin after removing. Reusable and washable are firming pads. The petals are easy to attach to and remove from your skin. For long lasting wear, wipe the breasts and inserts with a warm clothe before use in order to activate the sticky silicone and remove any oils on your skin.
  • Comfortable breathable and eco-friendly design: Lightweight, sweat resistant, and with super waterproof adhesive that makes your lady bits secure and well-supported even underwater.

Amazing Five Star Reviews!!!

The Invincible Lift-up bra is awesome!!!

I am a larger busted person and I had my doubts but the ease of use and the stickiness of the adhesive sold me. I wore it all day and was comfortable and no adjustments needed. Great product.



I got these for my wedding. I was a little nervous due to the reviews saying they dont work well for large busted women but it was 90 degrees the day of our wedding. I was wearing a black dress to add to that, needless to say, I sweat A LOT.
These stayed put the whole evening. I didnt have to readjusted them at all. They just stayed put and didnt come loose even a little. Would highly recommend.


Actually works!!

Wow, one of these sticky bra products that actually work? These feel different than other ones I've used. They have a thicker material than other I've tried. The design makes it more efficient, since you apply it then pull it up and then stick it. I feel like that works better than the ones you just stick on. Also, the adhesive on these seems to stick better. Probably meant for smaller bust sizes and not meant to be worn for extended periods of time but surprisingly it works for me.


Worked better than expected..Good price compared to others!

It started out a little weird for me trying to get them adjusted and equally heightened. But after a couple of tries it was good. I worn with a sundress to a concert and I was very surprised that they held GREAT during the entire thing. I would recommend if you do not like strapless bras like myself. I found it to be a good product for the price. Worked way better than my expectations.


Highly Recommend!!

The bunny bras were very well made and larger than other stick on bras I've tried. I've only used them once so far so I don't know how many uses I'll get out of them but they are definitely sticky. Very good concept.


Great Quality!!

I have tried several different kinds of stick on bras and this one is by far my favorite!!!! Great quality, good price, and lasted. I will be trying them again for a wedding and will update my review after dancing all night with these on.


PLEASE NOTE: We are current running a promo that would last only today because we believe every Lady out there needs this regardless of your bra size!!

NORMAL PRICE: UGX300,000 (4 pcs)





4 pieces of invisible lift-up bra =


Formerly UGX300,000

8 pieces of invisible lift-up bra =


Formerly UGX560,000

12 pieces of invisible lift-up bra =


Formerly UGX740,000

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  • Get a smooth look while holding and enhancing the shape of your breast using our Deep V INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA
  • Gives your breast sexy lift and leaves no trace on removing.
  • An amazing alternative to plus size strapless bras or plus size push up bras, as INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA comes in 3 different variants that fit any woman with cup size between A-E. It's different sizes work well for small to large breast.
  • Adds a sweet lift to the women with a small breast for a perkier appearance.
  • Makes the life of women with larger breast a lot simpler, as it holds the bulky breast well enough and adds a beautiful firm shape to them.
  • Suitable for wearing any deep v-neck or low-cut, see-through outfits.
  • If yes is the answer to any of the questions below, you should definitely grab this best coverage Invisible lift-up bra.

Customer questions & answers:

1. Does your stick on bra barely sticks on your chest and doesn't push your twins together or lift them up?

Gone are the days when you have to worry about your breast not looking fuller using the bra tapes or ordinary stick-on bras. Our INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRAS creates a visible lift in the bust area giving your boobs a lovelier and perkier appearance. It's cute rabbit ears don't let your breast appear saggy/small and pushes them up. 

2. Are you afraid that your stick on bra might fall off at some point for they are not sticky enough?  

However, that's not the issue with this INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA. It stays tight on the breast even with dancing activities and stretching movements. Keeps you comfortable and tension free. Sticks well and good enough to use it over and over again if taken care properly.

3. Does your stick on bra offer a painless removal from the nipple area?

The removal of this INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA is painless and it doesn't rip off your soft and sensitive nipples. These are made thoughtfully with an opening in the sticky part for the nipples to stay secure. 

4. Do you think of whether you have a perfect bra to fit in those low cut dresses that caught your eyes? 

With our INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA, you can wear any strapless, backless, Bardot, tube or wedding dresses, deep V-neck, swimsuits, etc. Wear anything you want without having to think about what type of bra to wear it with.

5. Does your stick on bra cause itching and irritation in your breast? Does it feel sweaty and then losing its hold due to moisture?

Our LIFT-UP BRA are made with skin-friendly and medical-grade silicone that does not cause skin irritation. It's also sweatproof with the tiny holes in the curve to let the moisture breath out. 

6. Does your stick on bra lose its stickiness after multiple uses?

Use this INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA over and over again with strong stickiness. Follow the care instructions below to maintain it's stickiness over time.

7. Would it be convenient for you to cut down your stick on bra according to your dress coverage?

Yes, you heard it right! You can scale down these lift up invisible bras by cutting down the rabbit ears up to three different marks according to the deep cut appearance of your dresses.

8. Would you like to have a bra with an invisible design, delicate bra-less feeling?

You would barely notice this LIFT-UP BRA to be on. It's thin edge and thicker padding in the center provides a natural or invisible look even under sheer clothing and pumps up your boobs for a beautiful lift.


  • Type: Rabbit lift up invisible bra
  • Style: Rabbit Ear Shape adhesive push up bras.
  • Material: Silicone, Polyester
  • Diameter: 9-13 cm
  • 9cm (S/M) - fits A-C cup size
  • 11cm (L/XL) - fits D-DD cup size
  • 13 cm (2XL/3XL) - fits F-H cup size


We take pride in our products as we believe they are amazing. However, we understand that buying things online can be daunting, especially for the first time, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don't have a positive experience for any reason, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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